Hereafter Series

If you’re looking for an easy read and something along the lines of the Twilight series, then this is the series for you. 
The Hereafter series is a great choice for young adults and it’s safe if you’re a concerned parent. There isn’t anything more than intense kissing and lovey-doveyness in the story. I was grateful to finally read a young adult novel where I didn’t feel embarrassed to be holding the book if a part like that came up while reading in public. 
The story is about a young girl who’s living in the afterlife between life and death. She meets, saves, and falls in love with a cute boy. It’s because of this that she awakens and starts to realize she’s a special kind of ghost. The things she goes through are very intriguing and heart-warming to say the least. She eventually must choose whether she’ll join the light or the dark in the after life.
Hudson does a good job of creating a group of characters that teens will relate to and enjoy reading about. The plot line and parts of the story aren’t necessarily believable, but this is sci fi/fantasy afterall. The ending was exactly what I’d hoped it would be, and I wasn’t left disappointed. 

Author: Pineapple House Rules

In our house, there are a few rules. Like, for example: Rule #41: Never run out of sour cream or toilet paper. Rule #83: Sneezing after having any number of children is considered dangerous. Rule #104: The freezer is a valued member of the household. Rule #151: Dogs will always wear costumes on major [and some minor] holidays. Rule #41(a): Also wine. Never run out of wine.

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