Loving Lately

Summer has been good to me, I’ve gotta say. I’ve had a lot of great adventures and found some great goodies along the way, too. Here are a few of my fave finds lately:

This Dress from Nordstrom

I looooooved wearing this dress for a date night a while ago. It’s super comfy yet still sexy (good thing, too, because I ate way too much at our yummy dinner that night). The shoulders actually stay put on your arms unlike some dresses that like to creep up your arms.

This Other Dress from Nordstrom

I haven’t had a chance to wear this little number yet [#momlife], but I’m hoping to bring it on our upcoming Charleston trip. Super cute and flirty!

These Jellies from Nordstrom

The freakin’ eighties are back, ladies (and gentlemen, too)! Two of my sisters-in-law had these gorgeous lovelies at the beach, and I tried them on for good measure. They’re ridiculously comfortable and bring back my childhood. Although they’re even cuter than they were back then. Just sayin’.

This Sunscreen Stick from Amazon

I’ve got super sensitive skin on my face due to a condition called Melasma. That means that basically, random splotches on my face will be about 5 shades darker than the rest of my face. It ain’t cute. I’ve tried tons of different products, and this sunscreen is by far the best I’ve had so far! It’s got Zinc Oxide, it goes on very easily, and it stays on very well. I apply it about 2-3 times an hour, and I’ve had the fewest problems with my skin this summer than any before! Love it!

This Dress from Francesca’s

This is one of my absolute favorite finds this year! It’s unbelievably comfortable and breathable which makes it perfect for hot summers when you’re still tryin’ to look cute. I love the cold shoulder + ruffle combo, too.
(And sorry, the two adorable guys don’t come with the dress.)

These Bras + Bralettes from Lively

I sleep in them literally every night. As a bustier gal, I used to always sleep in a sports bra to stay comfortable, but they were always so cumbersome! I decided to try these out after seeing them advertised on Facebook. I clearly (seven bras later) love them. A lot. A lot. A lot.

This Dress from Old Navy

I get complimented whenever I wear this dress (esp by Jon Boy), so I wear it as much as possible. Super comfy (see a pattern in this post?) and also very flowy (but not in a moo-moo way).

Penny approves, too.

This Swim Romper from Old Navy

This is another beauty I just haven’t had an opportunity to wear yet. I’m saving it for Charleston because it’s just too cute to wear to the neighborhood pool (for its debut anyway). I’d definitely wear this out as just a regular romper, too! It’s adorable and comfy, comfy, comfy!

This Other Dress from Old Navy

You’ve gotta love Chambray. I wear this one on nights when I want to be comfortable and cute. It hugs all right places, but it’s loose in places you need a little “freedom” in. You could make it casual or dress it up with accessories.

These Stuffed Shells from Pioneer Woman

I know this one isn’t of the fashion-variety, but you’ve gotta love a go-to, freezer-friendly, crowd-pleasing recipe! I made this little number for our recent trip to Port Aransas so that when we all got to the house, all we had to do was chunk ‘er in the oven and wait for delicious, cheesy, savory pasta!

With all the rough stuff going on in the news every. single. day, I like to remind myself of my duty and purpose. This quote by good ole Ralphy Emerson always brings me back to ground zero.

Happy Fourth, y’all!

Author: Pineapple House Rules

In our house, there are a few rules. Like, for example: Rule #41: Never run out of sour cream or toilet paper. Rule #83: Sneezing after having any number of children is considered dangerous. Rule #104: The freezer is a valued member of the household. Rule #151: Dogs will always wear costumes on major [and some minor] holidays. Rule #41(a): Also wine. Never run out of wine.

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